M.S.D. of Wayne Township started our equity work as a result of Judge Dillion’s 1973 Desegregation Order. One way-busing of Black students from the east district to the west side of Indianapolis followed. 

It was at that time Mr. Tom Langdoc was appointed as Segregation Training Coordinator in August 1979 and started developing a framework to integrate the new students from IPS (Near West Side). In the early ’80s, a lady by the name of MG Raby was hired to take over the Segregation Coordinator position, as Mr. Langdoc became the Director of Extended Services. MG Raby worked tirelessly with staff, parents and students to improve the experience of the newly diversified environment. 

In 1998, the M.S.D. of Wayne Township created, The MG Raby Award, an annual award to celebrate students, parents, volunteers and staff members who continue to meet the following criteria: Persons who demonstrate, encourage, and promote equality and acceptance; who by daily example contribute toward the elimination of racism, stereotyping, and discriminatory practices; who have been influential in improving human relations. 

Click here to view the interview with Mr. Tom Langdoc, who oversaw the integration of IPS students into the M.S.D. of Wayne Township

THE PURPOSE of the M.G. Raby Distinguished Service Award is to annually recognize individuals whose efforts, deeds, and examples support equal justice, opportunities for all, and celebrate diversity within the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township. 

THE CATEGORIES for the M.G. Raby Distinguished Service Award are:

Winners are awarded annually during the month of June.

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