Equity Circles

The M.S.D. of Wayne Township's current efforts include:

Staff (Staff Equity Circle)

Wayne Community (Equity Community Circles)

These events will include a panel of knowledgeable personnel addressing relevant questions on how equity shapes our classroom instruction and relationships among staff and students.

These events are recorded and can be viewed on demand.

Staff Circles

Our staff events are organized around a specific theme. Please see our past Staff Circle events and replay the videos uploaded to our Equity YouTube channel.

A Staff Circle Conversation for Equity : Voices of Black Educators

Monday,  February 22, 2021   4:30-5:30

Click here to view the video replay: https://youtu.be/cYO4EPtHhio

Our panelists go deeper in their understanding of what it means to be a black educator in today’s society.  

Please view our panelists:  

We thank our panelists in advance for their willingness to be transparent and vulnerable as they share their experiences with us


Monday, August 3, 2020 from 3:30 - 4:30 pm.  

Title:  How to Talk about Race & Racism:  We Can’t Ignore the Elephant in the Classroom. 

Students will be returning to us, virtually or in person on August 12, 2020. Our last in person interaction with many of them was in March.  Since that time, we have had two pandemics: Covid19 and Racism.   Our children have overheard, witnessed, or have personally been impacted by either one of them or both. We can not pretend nor should we believe that we can go back to business as usual.  As a staff member of the MSD of Wayne Township what you believe, say, and do, matters to our children. Come and hear how Cabinet, administrators, teachers, and staff members share best practices on how to facilitate meaningful, productive conversations about the “elephant in the classroom.”  Whether the elephant is registered for your class or not, he/she will be there on day one. 

Click here for the recording: https://youtu.be/_7DF52XExTw?list=PL9UBos5n5PLDyLWnx3QHd2mXSxh2CUWKR


The following questions will be addressed: