Hispanic / Latino Students in the M.S.D. of Wayne Township 

(Data as of September 2022)

We currently teach 5,059 students of Hispanic / Latino origin across the MSD of Wayne Township. 57% of those students receive language services through our Language Assistance Program, and 43% don't receive any services.

With LAP Services        2,864

No Language Services 2,195

Total                               5,059  

5059 Hispanic/Latino Students

These 5,059 students represent 32% of the total enrollment in the MSD of Wayne Township as of September 2022

Not all students identified as Hispanic/Latino speak Spanish only 86%.

83 % of our Hispanic / Latino students were born in the USA and only 17% were born in other countries.

The MSD of Wayne Township Joins the national Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration with our Series:

2022- Unidos: Inclusivity for a Stronger Nation

The M.S.D. of Wayne Township celebrates the diversity of our students. 

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated during September 15 through October 15th.

Many educators from the district came together to create the following series of videos to be shown in our classrooms district wide.

You are welcome to watch this series using the icons below or by gong to the YouTube playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9UBos5n5PLDb2X3BWZNp719XQ_Ic6N3E